Allow me to Introduce Myself...

Welcome to the Metal Mingle blog. I'm Tiffanie, your owner and lead designer. I've been making jewelry at my workbench for over a decade now - so yeah, metal is my thing. Making jewelry has been one of the center's of my life for a while now and due to this, I'd like to share my world with you...if you'll have me ;)

In general, this blog will feature a mix of fashion, jewelry design, the jewelry business, and the overall ins and outs. I'm not much of a ranter (and sometimes easily distracted with time consuming tasks like writing long pieces) so most of the posts will be relatively short. Just enough to get the point across and to spend time with you. I hope you decide to mingle with me often - or at least from time to time. Please let me know all your thoughts on anything I post. Until next time, stay cool. It's about to get hot!

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