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Welcome to the Metal Mingle New Collection Release & Sample Sale!


First I'd like to thank you for stopping by! Below you will find my new SLICE collection (marked 20% off) as well as the annual 35%-50% off sample sale (there are lots of pieces so keep on scrolling). Getting everything together for both the release and sale is a lot (more like A LOT), but I do this sale as a way to show all my customers, followers, and supporters love - and to give thanks. The new collection has ties to "spreading love the Brooklyn way" and this is my way of doing it. Find out more about both below. And remember: when it comes to the sale, only one person gets each pieces - so definitely jump on it if you want it. 

Introducing SLICE / Fall 2017 Collection


While the geometric components usually associated with Metal Mingle collections may seem like the obvious inspiration for SLICE, the truth is that the collection was originally conceptualized to be about pizza. No lie. But not really just pizza - more like an ode to Brooklyn and "SLICE" fit not only because of pizza (duh), but also because it's fitting to pay homage to "homeslice", a phrase deeply rooted in spreading love the Brooklyn way (not used as much now, but still). The pizza slices necklace was the first piece I made. I liked it so much that the rest of the line pretty much evolved from there. So yeah, my love of food has finally spilled over into my jewelry business.

With all that said, the line stays very much in touch with my focus on geometrics. Each piece in this collection is designed using singularly or collectively only 2 shapes - either a quadrant (1/4 of the circle, i.e. the slice) or the sector (3/4 of the circle, i.e. the rest of the pie). Part of the reason I moved forward with the theme with little hesitation is the fact that the pieces incorporate  two shapes that are staples in the Metal Mingle line - the circle and the triangle (well close enough). I loved creating this collection and hope you love it too. -Tiffanie

Prices are marked 20% off on all SLICE pieces.

And now for the sample sale pieces...


Below are the sample sale items marked 35%-50% off. The original price and marked down price are both visible and the % off rate is listed in the title. Everything is in good condition directly from my in-person events. Like I said, this is a once a year thing so have at it!


Reminder: It's a "one person per item" kinda deal and the item in the photograph is the actual piece you will get - and only one person can purchase each item. As you can see, I've listed a lot so you should have no problem finding something you love for yourself - or maybe even a few things you can gift :) Happy shopping! -Tiffanie